When will Webmin 2.100 and Usermin 2.000 be available for Virtualmin systems?

OS type and version RHEL 9
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7
Usermin 1.861

New versions of Webmin and Usermin have been released 6 days ago.

My RHEL 8 and 9 systems have received the new Webmin, but neither RHEL 9 Virtualmin GPL or PRO systems have.

Is this a strategy or a problem?

Webmin updates in the Virtualmin repos always trail the upstream repo, as we fix bugs found during the Webmin.com roll-out. It’s usually a few days.

That sounds like an excellent plan! Thanks.

I too am interested in these newer versions :slight_smile:

There are known bugs. We’re rolling out 2.101, or whatever, first.

We’re not holding back the version for no reason.

ok, in the Webmin section of the forums, I see 2.101 just announced :grinning:

Since I can see 2.101 in the virtualmin-universal repo now, does that mean its OK to install it in a Virtualmin environment ??

and – if its good to go, can we get a staff cross posting in the Virtualmin area please of the 2.101 announcement?

same for usermin :slight_smile:

Y’all yell at me when an update isn’t there, and now you’re complaining when it is? I can’t win! :man_shrugging:

I announce releases and post changelogs in the News forum:

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yes you do post in News !! And we appreciate all your work !!! (and the other staff too !!)

but I hope you can see our … nervousness … when we see something like 2.100 (or 2.101) being announced in News but don’t know if its yet been vetted for the Virtualmin environment :slight_smile:

It would really help if either:

  1. you do cross post when it has been vetted for Virtualmin usage
  2. the News posting explicitly says its ready for Virtualmin (or not yet ready)

that way we don’t (at least in a Redhat/Centos/etc environ) have to keep doing a

yum list webmin

against the virtualmin-universal repo to check and check and check again :slight_smile:

If it’s in the Virtualmin repos, it is for Virtualmin users. We put it there. It doesn’t happen accidentally.

my point was — a little extra work on your part (yes I know that sounds uncaring) means much less work (in total) for all of us – as we will know when webmin is OK to upgrade in a Virtualmin environment.

No, this is ridiculous.

I added it to the Virtualmin repos (where we only release vetted software intended for Virtualmin users to install), and I posted an announcement and change logs to the News section, as I always do. This is how we release updates for Virtualmin. If you don’t believe me that we believe it’s ready for Virtualmin when I put it in the Virtualmin repos, I don’t know what else to do.

If it is in the Virtualmin repos, you should update to it. I’m not going to send out engraved invitations.

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Its ok when it show up in the GUI, like always.
Not sure what extra work your doing.

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