When vailidating for Dns the DNS address does not stay

I am getting a message every night when the cron job fires about the validation of the Dns server. i did try to fix the problem on my own by going to System/Recheck Virtualmin Settings and I follow the instructions and I add the address but it doesn’t seem to be hlding for some reason.

Here is the error message I get:

Virtualmin Validation Failed
Virtual server validation

Virtualmin configuration check

Virtualmin is configured to setup DNS zones, but this system is not setup to use itself as a DNS server. Either add to the list
of DNS servers
, or turn off the BIND feature on the module config page.Configuration errors found

What happens if I turn off the Bind function I am assuming that I won’t be able to use the VPS as a name server then?


Yeah, your /etc/resolv.conf file would need listed in it in order to function correctly as a DNS server. If you added that in there, there’s a few reasons it may be disappearing… one of the more common causes is described here: