When it comes to getting a Virtualmin Pro license what is meant by x number of domains ?

When you subscribe for a monthly Virtualmin Pro license for say 10 domains, is that for 10 server domains or 10 Usermin accounts ?

Usermin is wholly separate from Virtualmin, and is a webmail client. You may be thinking Usermin/Virtualmin is like cPanel/WHM, but Virtualmin plays the role of both cPanel and WHM; you just have different account levels to determine what the domain owner vs. the administrator or reseller sees.

A domain is a website, basically. Either a new top-level domain account, or a sub-server account. Aliases are not counted.

Basically, if you have a new website with it’s own name (whether that name is a second level domain like virtualmin.com or a sub-domain like forum.virtualmin.com), it counts as a domain. If it points to existing content, as in the case of an alias, it does not count against the domain limit.

So, ask yourself how many websites you’ll be hosting, and that’s how many domains you want.

New to Virtualmin.

if reseller packege is created , Is the domains created by reseller is counted in pro license?

Yes. Any domain created by any user, whether root, reseller, or domain owner, counts toward the domain limit.

You can impose limits on any user (other than root), so you can grant a reseller, say, 10 domains, and he can grant his customers, say 3 domains each (so he’d be able to have 3 customers maxed out and one domain left over).

Aliases do not count toward domain limits, as they are merely a name that points to the same web content as their parent domain.