When did license prices go up?

I noticed prices doubled, and I’ll have to start renewing annually. That’s like prices quadrupling!

When did this happen, and where’s the big celebration? Oh and what milestone was reached for this to happen?

Also, if we don’t renew, will our virtualmin PRO turn into virtualmin GPL?

And lastly, what’s the difference between PRO and GPL?


You’re right! The annual renewal license is about 33% of the first time buy, very much affordable compared to what I thought I’d have to pay. Thanks for pointing that out I was looking at the first time purchase licenses. I got mine way back in December 2007, that seems about when you first got yours. Seems by the date on the annual renewal posts that the prices are new as of December 2008.

I can only confirm that the first time purchase licenses have changed since december 2007 when virtualmin was in beta phase or something. I don’t recall what the annual renewals were back then.


Yeah, way back when, there was an early adopter discount for both the initial purchase and renewal costs.

The differences between the Pro and GPL versions are listed here:


Regarding what happens when the license expires – don’t worry, your server won’t be rendered useless :slight_smile:

In fact, for a good 30 days, nothing at all happens, it’ll continue to work fine (with a message on the main page regarding the expiration that only root can see).

After the 30 day mark is reached, Joe and Jamie will receive a notification about it, and generally try to communicate with you regarding it, if it’s still showing as being installed and in use.

Have a good one!


That link does not compare the GPL and Pro versions. Where’s the page that does?

Heh, indeed it doesn’t, try this one instead :slight_smile:


I think they didn’t… for quite some time. There are 3 links on the shop page, and probably as you did I clicked the big one (Virtualmin) and that’s for your first buy. But you can find the renewals under this one. I didn’t notice any change at least for my subscription 50/1year. Can anyone confirm this?

But I’m curious - will Virtualmin Pro turn into a GPL if you don’t renew, how is this working :slight_smile: ? I don’t want a useless server if I forget the exact expiry date…