Whats it about "unused module"

OS type and version Almalinuz
Webmin version 1.990

Please do I really need this unused module or I can remove them?
See screenshot below…

They are unused. Meaning, the service they manage is not installed or configured.

You cannot remove them, because they’ll come back on every Webmin update. You can disable them for a given user (i.e. your root user) in Webmin-Webmin Users->root->Available Webmin modules.

But, they’re already tucked away in their own category. They’re already hidden…that’s kinda the point of that category. They’re modules from any other category that doesn’t have a related local service, so you need need to look at that category.

Ok. Thank you.
My cpu currently hitting hundred and I cannot even edit config files on my sites as it gives error 403 and also memory issues.
Can you help me determine what’s causing this?

It’s definitely not Un-used modules. Please open a new topic for new questions.

Ok. Thanks. I will do that.

Un-used Modules menu link can be hidden from Theme Configuration: Navigation menu page.

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