What to use to manage a router and firewall on RHEL 9?

I have been using FWbuilder which was a nice Windows package to make and manage network firewalls and routing rules on a Centos 6 system

It all has to go as FW builder was discontinued years ago and doesn’t handle firewalld and Centos 6 - enuff said!

I don’t run a GUI on any of my Linux boxes, but I like the idea of managing etc from my Windows desktop.

Open to all suggestions, but would rather use RHEL for the router and not eg a Cisco.

Other than the built in functions? This is kinda the purpose of Webmin. I guess the downside is it isn’t as ‘braindead’ an interface as what you would expect in a GUI. More of a ‘helps you manage’ what’s already there.

Some use this for the firewall which I think is what you might be after. I think one of the site admins uses it.

As a former CCNP, I don’t know any comparable routing interfaces for Linux.


Is this for your home network? I use pfsense installed on an old dell computer with a 5 port gig extension card.


Webmin is for a simple firewall for “this server”. It can display rich rules, but as far as I can see it can’t create them.

Configserver is also just for “this server” from a quick read.

I will have a look at pfsense - thanks.

OPNsense is a fork from developers of PFsense but has more features for free.
Both appliances are a little intense to get setup and configured but offer amazing protection and adaptability for inbound or outbound networking.


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I have started playing with OPNsense, as with anything new there are frustrations.

It appears that product development has far outstripped the documentation development and their forum isn’t sending out Activation emails (tried 2 different addresses including gmail) so I can’t ask for answers.

It certainly shows promise, though trial and error learning will take time that I don’t have.

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