What is the name of this forum system used here?

what is the name of this forum system used here? I found it very nice and light and would like to create a forum like this on my personal website.

We use Discourse. GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

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Is it available for 1-click installation in the webmin panel?

No. It’s a quite complicated Ruby on Rails application with a lot of dependencies not available on most of our supported distributions. We run it in a container (following the instructions provided by the Discourse folks) and proxy to it. It’s possible (maybe even likely) that Virtualmin 8 in a year or two will include support for apps in containers, at which point it would be possible to provide an easy installation for Discourse. Until then, installing it on a Virtualmin system is like installing it anywhere else (follow the Apache or nginx instructions for proxying to it, or use the proxy rules feature in Virtualmin to create the proxy rules).

Also, Webmin is not a web hosting control panel. Virtualmin is our tool that has the Install Scripts feature that can install web applications. Webmin is not for web hosting. Virtualmin is. (Webmin is the platform Virtualmin runs on, but it is not, on its own a web hosting control panel.)

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sorry, i was wrong.

the first time I saw about webmin/virtualmin/usermin was when I became a customer of my current datacenter.

so it was never clear to me what each one does. even reading the site years ago. but now it’s clearer. your explanation was great. thanks!

so to use virtualmin (hosting control panel) i must install virtualmin from webmin.

in my datacenter has the operating system image with webmin. I will select it. so after installation i go in and install virtualmin. after that I can already use virtualmin as a hosting control panel, correct?

sorry if i seem redundant. I am Brazilian and I use a translator to communicate with you.

Absolutely not!

Follow our instructions: Downloading and Installing Virtualmin – Virtualmin

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You will do no such thing. You’ll start with a freshly installed supported OS, as covered by our documentation. Do not preinstall anything. Just follow our documentation.

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excuse the ignorance. just to clarify for me.

1- is there any “recommended/preferred” operating system for using virtualmim?

2- I will read the documentation but I would like to confirm here. is it not necessary to have webmin to use virtualmim? because in a previous answer I understood that you said that webmin was a script installer and through it you could install virtualmim.

Please just read the documentation I linked and follow the steps provided there. If you still have questions after following those instructions, feel free to follow up.

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