What is the difference between Docker and VM?

Docker containers are in buzz now a days. However, I am very confused with the exact practical difference between virtual machines and Docker containers. can anyone help me with the exact distinguishing features for both technologies?


The short answer is that docker uses containers, rather than a full blown Virtual Machine. That means it uses less resources. The entire server doesn’t need to be virtualized.

I believe Docker used to use Linux Containers (LXC), I think it’s using a different form of container now.

There’s some discussion from a couple of years ago here on the differences you’re asking about:


One thing that needs to be established is LXC or Docker can ONLY be installed on 32-bit Linux… So while Docker is great, that is a problem for some, like our Apps only work on 64-bit Linux due to memory usage.


Hmm, I don’t believe that’s correct actually. Both Docker and LXC run well on a 64 bit system.

In fact I’m looking at a 64 bit system now running Docker.

If you saw problems running those in a 64 bit environment, it’s possible something else was going wrong at the time.


Check out CoreOS, it’s a complete 64-bit linux operating system with docker built in



RancherOS is a 20mb Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers


thanks andreychek that link helped and thanks others too for your replies although it was not what i was expecting but it addep up to my knowledge, I got my answers here https://www.esds.co.in/forums/showthread.php?t=5076