What is the best way to upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6
Webmin version 1.991
Virtualmin version 7.0-4 Pro
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I tried the do-release-upgrade on a copy of my system and it cause several problems and didn’t run afterward! I tried it again on another server I have and it wouldn’t upgrade because of other problems (I think maybe the multiple PHP feature).

In any case, I’d like to go ahead and upgrade with the least amount of trouble and I’m open to suggestions!

Dan Lewis


Backup, backup, backup…

Then try “do-release-upgrade” and cross your fingers.

If it works, great!

But most likely the safest way is to setup a second machine with 20.04, then migrate websites over to it instead of trying to upgrade the OS directly.


Backup, backup, backup!

I was thinking that was the best option but I was hoping for something easier! And believe me… I"m a big believer in BACKUP!!! The do-release-upgrade didn’t seem to work.

Be sure to dump your databases. Virtualmin makes a database dump in its backups, but the most likely source of trouble is databases, so having those handy rather than having to pull them out of the Virtualmin tarball will be convenient.

You need to be specific. What didn’t work? What specific errors? (And, this part may be a better question for the Ubuntu community. We don’t have anything to do with the system upgrade process, and we only provide a small number of packages on the system…and they are not OS version dependent, generally speaking).

All I have ever done since 16.04 LTS is:

sudo do-release-upgrade

That’s it. Nothing more. Went from 16.04 to 18.04, no problem. Went from 18.04 to 20.04, no problem.

I’ll do a fresh install and conversion in 22.04 though as I’m waiting for Virtualmin 7.


Before you do that, can you test out the 20.04 > 22.04 upgrade please and check if it works fine (and mention your software versions)? You can still wipe the VPS and start over if you do, but it’ll be helpful to those of us who want to know ahead of time if there are any issues when it comes time to upgrade.

Sure thing. I’ll do that after my migration when 7 comes out. I’ll be setting up a new machine, then migrating from the old one. Once that’s done I’ll go back to the old one and do the upgrade and report if it worked out.

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@Gomez_Adams Save yourself a massive amount of headaches and simply build a new 20.04 virtualmin server and move the domains over. Backup and restore does not work it creates all kinds of problems.

Do a search and you will see the kinds of issues I had. Eventually giving up and creating a brand new server and manually migrating the domains. I migrated mail using imapsync. Databases were a problem. I had to manually create them on the new machine and then do a dump and manually restore on the new one after creating the permissions etc.

Hoenstly you will drive yourself nuts trying to make an upgrade work on a mature host. Forget it save yourself the time and stress.

Just my very hard experience!


…fresh install and reset manually.

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