What is the best way to independently backup user emails?

We have some customers who use email only.
What is the best way to back-up those emails?
Due to the size of the websites hosted, we use rsync rather than server backups, to backup the websites and databases to an independent backup server. (The issue is not so much the physical size of data backed up, but rather limits on our allowed monthly bandwidth.)
However, this means that our user emails are not being backed up.

What is the best way to backup the user emails if we aren’t doing server-backups?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.991
Virtualmin version 7.0-4
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I don’t know if this is the best way but you can try this: Restoring emails from backups – Dovecot & Thunderbird | Linux System Administration | Ubuntu, Redhat & Cybersecurity

This is the official method: doveadm-backup(1) — Arch manual pages

Users should have at their own client side ( offline air-gapped) backups of mail inclusive some important archiving. ( IN some country’s also needed to do by LAw for Firm mails)
Therefore is a postfix and dovecot mail system not the right tool itself ( as i see it) :wink:

If you do backups, you see users don’t bother to clean up mail and organize mails as should and more of such kind, later on then problems.

You have to kind of teach them is better then later hear: yea why didn’t you told me before… :wink:

LOL trying to get users to clean out trash and backup emails is like telling users NOT to install unknown software or open unknown attachments in emails. They know they shouldn’t but can’t seem to help themselves.
“I have a computer virus…why didn’t IT make sure I was protected from myself???”

I had a look at doveadm, which does exactly what I need.
However, each email user needs to be backed up individually via a command line script, so managing the scheduled auto-execution for each mailbox, remembering to create the script for every new mailbox etc could become a nightmare.

I am testing to see if I can create a doveamd script to automatically identify each user and back them up with a single script.

No there are IT systems and or service that can handle lot.
Yes ofcourse you have to read the manual and so on.

You also need to have a drivers license to drive a car in most country’s on public roads. :wink:

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