What is the best OS to run for Virtualmin/webin? For Cpanel conversion?

I have now tried 2 OS installs, and have issues with both of them.

I have tried Operating system
CentOS Linux 8.4.2105, where could not get a simple perl script to run under the cgi-bin directory, and was able to use that OS to migrate a cpanel account. But not getting perl scripts to run has been frustrating.

I have tried: Operating system
Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5
And this one I have been able to 1. Get perl scripts to run, but trouble with the suexec custom.
And unable to migrate a full cpanel account.

Does anyone have suggestions of the most stable OS platform for vitualmin to be operating on that can convert full cpanel accounts with email working and DNS/Master/Slave?

If you must run CGI, it can’t be CentOS 8 (well, I guess it could be, but you’d need to do some work…there are workarounds documented by me and Ilia here in the forum). CentOS 7 works with suexec and CGI, but only in /home, because that is the suexec docroot we compile into our httpd packages.

If you must run CGI with suexec outside of the standard Virtualmin suexec docroot, you must use Ubuntu or Debian, and you must configure suexec-custom appropriately to do that, and you must get permissions and ownership right on your application files.

You could also rebuild Apache on any CentOS version to use a suexec docroot that fits your needs.

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