What happened to the old issues on the interface of www.Virtualmin.com?

I used the solved problems I posted on the old support site as a reference when I ran into a similar problem. I can’t find where those old threads are now. Everything leads to this forum.virtualmin.com site which has been a dismal failure for everything I have looked for support about.

The old forum is locked and archived, but all topics have been migrated to the new forum though so all those old threads can be found here too.

Just search for the post and it should come up in here as well.

Issues (which are mostly private, but there are a few thousand public issues) are available at Premium Support and Bug Tracker | Virtualmin

The old forums are here. Literally everything we’ve ever had in a forum exists in this forum (going back through several migrations). Most conversation and support has always taken place in the forums…so, if you’re not finding it here, it maybe just hasn’t been discussed, or you’re not searching for the right terms (or the original questioner didn’t use the right terms to discuss their problem).

So…nothing is gone, and the most valuable stuff is now here in this forum.

To be clear, there is never a reason to visit the old forum. It’s literally all here, plus everything that’s happened since the migration last year. There is nothing in that forum that isn’t also here.

But, the issues from the issue tracker have not been migrated, so they still exist in a read-only form just for archival purposes.

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