What does the purple mean in "quotas" (inc image)


See the tiny bit on purple in the bar? what does that mean?

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Did you ever get your answer? I found this while trying to figure out the same thing.

Well if you didn’t then the purple bar is apparently database usage.

Hope this helps!

Database usage is usually all localhost, and isn’t logged, so there would be no way to account that for usage.

Per the Bandwidth Monitoring page under System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring -> Show Usage Graph, Green is mail, blue is website traffic, and purple is FTP.


Well, the data he’s looking at there are disk quotas, rather than bandwidth data… there really should be a chart explaining the colors, as I’m not entirely certain either :slight_smile:

However, I do believe that app1egenius is correct in that it’s space consumed by the databases owned by that particular Virtual Server.

And I’ll talk to Jamie about adding a chart to explain the colors :slight_smile:


Whoops, this is why you shouldn’t try to answer questions when you are really really tired :confused: Yes it is database usage, I have a site that just contains databases and little else, and it is almost all purple.