What does Scientific Linux have with CentOS 6.0?

I have tried to create a new KVM instance from kvm-centos6.0-gpl (CentOS 6.0 KVM instance with Virtualmin GPL) and everything went ok, but when I go to the http://ip-of-instance it shows Scientific Linux for some reason:

Apache/2.2.15 (Scientific Linux) Server at xx.xx.xx.xxx Port 80

CentOS and Scientific Linux are different OSs, aren’t they?

They’re essentially the same thing – both are just rebuilds of RHEL.

What you’re seeing just means the Apache package was compiled on a Scientific Linux system, but Scientific Linux and CentOS use the same Apache package.


Thanks Eric for the explanation. I feel now ok if you say so. However, it is rather confusing and I believe Apache should ideally be complied on CentOS. I mean when you built CentOS in usual way you don’t see this confusing message, so I believe in the end guest systems on KVM should behave the same way.