What does per instance mean?

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What does this mean?, Does it mean per host, per VM, What? I wish they would just say what they mean. I am very interested in doing this but if the cost is prohibitive then why bother.

I have and use Virtualmin Pro and I love it I have 3 Websites that I host with it. But I have 5 Virtualization Hosts, I would want this on all of them.

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You’re not putting any context at all into your question. ‘Per Instance’ can mean anything you just said.

Normally, ‘Per Instance’ is used in licensing. Example: if you buy a regular license to install Windows 11, you can only install one instance (one install) of it.

There are agreements though like Enterprise Edition that allow you to install multiple instances (installs) of it.

Most software works that way. Another example, I use Xenforo on a forum I run. I have a license for “one instance” which means “one install”, so I can only run one installation of it on one domain and that is all.

Your website says per instance I am asking what that means in your pricing.


I I understand correctly, you are running multiple Cloudmin “guest” instances which you’d like to install Virtualmin Pro on…

In this case, you’d need a separate license for “each” of the “guest” instances created by Cloudmin as “per instance” means in this case that “Virtualmin Pro” can only be installed on a single physical, or “guest” system.

Essentially if you install Virtualmin Pro on two systems whether “physical” or “virtual” you require two licenses.

Cloudmin Pro manages virtual machines and containers, and is licensed based on the number of virtual machine or container instances you’re managing. There is generally one Cloudmin Pro management system with any number of physical host systems (which do not run Cloudmin, but you’ll likely want them to have Webmin for some API and monitoring features, but the core functionality can work with just ssh).

Instance in the context of Cloudmin Pro, means VM or container. If you have five virtual machines (or Zones or OpenVZ containers) under management, then you could use the Cloudmin 10 instance license. Whether those five instances all run on the same host machine is irrelevant to the license. You can have any number of host machines; Cloudmin is licensed based on number of virtual machines under management, rather than how you spread those virtual machines out across physical hardware.

Virtualmin Pro is licensed for a single server (whether that server is a virtual machine, container, or a physical server) and is priced based on the number of websites being hosted. If your three websites are spread across three systems (whether VM, container, or physical system), you’d need three Virtualmin 10 licenses. If your three websites are on one system, you’d only need one Virtualmin 10 license.

We’re in the midst of a major overhaul and upgrade of Cloudmin, and it’s likely most of the container types will be going away (all the benefits of container types like OpenVZ no longer really apply, as KVM has various resource-sharing improvements, so if your guest OSes and kernels are identical across all VMs, they can share a lot of memory, making them competitive with containers in resource usage, and security is historically much better, as well), so…probably don’t plan on using containers with Cloudmin. We’ll be integrating Docker/Podman into Virtualmin 8, which covers the application packaging model of containers (which continues to be very useful and increasingly popular, while containerized full systems like OpenVZ/LXC are in decline).

Hey Guys, Thanks for your quick response, That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Peter, I was looking more at How many hosts for Cloudmin. So what I gather by Joe’s response I would only need one with cloudmin and then I could use 4 hosts with Webmin. However with licensing based on the amount VMs/Containers I have that would be what I was looking for. Again thank you for the response.

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