What does "Host Addresses" do?

OS type and version 18.04 ubuntu
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

Through Linode’s interface, I made a clone of my production server to be the test server. Today on this test server I came across Networking->Network Configuration->Host Addresses and found out the IP and HOSTNAME of the production server are listed here, as shown in the screenshot below. This test server has been running for a while and I haven’t encountered any problem, but I think that doesn’t mean letting it go is a good idea.

Before I delete it and maybe add the current server’s IP and HOSTNAME into it, I need to know what this “Host Addresses” is about? Is it the same thing with known_host?

I use linode too.
Check this out https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/linux-static-ip-configuration/

I need guide above because I cannot access my cloned linode without lish, it is not even responding to ping. Your problem may be different than mine.

“Host Addresses” is the /etc/hosts file. That’s all.

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