What do I do next?

Hi I just finished watching this channel

unfortunately he has made only 3 videos, so I have no idea what else to do to finish setting up virtualmin.

My main motive is to sell web hosting.

Please let me know on what I should do next, either some context or a link to the docs.
Tho the docs do seem a bit confusing as I’m not a techy guy.

You seriously expect us to watch 3 videos and see what has yet to be said?

Virtualmin basically works ‘out of the box’ if you haven’t screwed with any settings yet.

Never asked you to watch the videos, you can understand by reading the title.
So far I’ve started playing around with account plans, I’m only asking if there’s anything else to setup or of its ready.

yall can ignore this post. Not needed anymore.

That’s probably the best course forward. Lots of stuff. Some will apply to you, some won’t.

Okay so I’ve been checking account plans and its confusing, what’s aliases? I searched on docs and didn’t find what it is.

Note if you ‘carefully’ place cursor you will get a help dialog.

One other quick hint. The software isn’t necessarily complex as it is complete so there is a lot there. There is a star at the top of pages that will add things to ‘favorites’. Use it if you know you will need to return to that page cuz hunting for things can get old. :wink:

ya I know, already looked at it. I re-read the docs to understand allias.

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Virtualim setup 3 for you, best to edit the email so they go to your email address for best practice unless you check the address virtualmin sets up for administrator.

The video says to use Bind to edit the Virtual Server dns records. Really you should not need to touch Bind. Use DNS record in the virtual server.

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Okay and how do I send signup emails? it says something about server templates but I looked everywhere in the template and I don’t see anything named signup email

okay found it

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