What are the differences between i365 and x86_64 guest systems?

I am trying to make a couple of Drupal websites, previously resided on non-Cloudmin x86_64 KVM guest CentOS, to properly work on i386 Cloudmin KVM guest CentOS. After migration of files and databases both of the websites work just fine, however are throwing lots of error notices like, for example:

notice: Undefined index: type in
notice: Trying to get property of non-object in

/var/log/messages file contains even more messages like:

Undefined variable: edit_links in
Undefined offset:
Undefined index:

Now, lots of these error messages are Drupal-related and discussed by Drupal community. But what is disturbing me is that I was planning to migrate dozens of other Drupal websites to Cloudmin i386 guest system and that they all are going to through the same messages and if I start fixing those messages then it will be a disaster and take lots of time as I need to re-write lots of PHP functions. What is strange those Drupal websites are working just fine on previous non-Cloudmin x86_64 KVM guest CentOS without outputting any errors.

I’ve compared and made sure the following settings in httpd.conf are the same on both systems:

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED
display_errors = Off
report_memleaks = On

Both systems have:

PHP 5.3.3 (cli) (built: May 7 2012 19:58:17)
Copyright © 1997-2010 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright © 1998-2010 Zend Technologies

Now I am totally lost where should I continue to troubleshoot these errors (way too many of them) and start thinking of existence of other differences between i365 and x86_64 guest systems. I’d appreciate if anyone could guide me to the right direction.

One more difference between two setups is that on a new i386 systems the last Virtualmin versions are installed, which reflect this security update http://www.virtualmin.com/node/24260, on the old ones seeing lots of other people are in trouble I am reluctant to push that fix button yet.



It’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly, but there’s likely a PHP configuration difference somewhere on your system. Maybe the PHP execution mode is different, or maybe something in the /etc/php.ini is different, or possibly in the individual $HOME/etc/php.ini.

If mod_php is being used on one of the systems, there’s various places to configure it. And .htaccess files can cause changes in the PHP configuration.

However, it’s not likely that you’re seeing a 32 bit vs 64 bit issue; those are just simple PHP “notice” output, and there’s probably just an option configured somewhere differently between those two systems.

Since they’re just notices (not errors or even warnings), you could always configure PHP to not display notices in the logs.


Gosh, sometimes some problems need such simple solutions, that you can’t see them under your nose and kill so many long hours of frustrated troubleshooting. Turns out I hit the same mistake as this guy did http://drupal.org/node/1460754 The fault was in the development version of Drupal code, that I accidentally installed on a new server and had copied to both sites. Posting just in case if anyone will be in my shoes and find this thread in the future. Thanks!