What are 'legitimate' uses for additional IPs?

I tried to get an additional IP for my dedicated server (to set up extra nameservers), and the host company said the request was rejected as the reason doesn’t comply with the RIPE guidelines for additional IPs.

So I was wondering, what would a legitimate use be for an additional IP for a server - any ideas?


Each hosting company has it’s own rules surrounding this topic, so the best people to ask would be them.

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They just directed me to the RIPE site, and I couldn’t make sense of it :confused:

Here are two reasons for additional IP addresses:

  1. the need for SSL (https) for a site
  2. the need for anonymous FTP for a site

You could also use a dedicated IP address to assist with SEO, but that’s another topic.

The reason my hoster usually accepts for additional IPs is running a virtualization system on the server.

Thanks - it worked!

eCommerces sites that require SSL certs for payment processing. Or any other site that needs to encrypt data. Which should be every site that has a register/login function or personal data in forms.

My host (Linode) usually argue I could use the main server IP for the first SSL, BUT if you do this, when going to https://www.any-other-domain-on-server.com it will show the other site using the SSL. I consider this quite bad in the eyes of the customer, so I always say there MUST only be one site on the IP using the SSL, this usually justifies an extra IP for a SSL even though I have an IP already.


I think they need SSL for a site. But i am not sure you must try to contact your Services Provider Company about this issue.