We're experiencing some name server issues (Joe screwed up)

Howdy all,

Everybody screws up DNS sometimes, including me, and we’re currently in the midst of a DNS mess. I failed to update our glue records when changing our DNS servers…and now that the old ones are offline, we’re gradually going offline, too, until the updates propagate.

Since our registrar can’t seem to find our mail server to send a verification, I couldn’t even log in to fix it. Eric has swooped in to save the day (he was able to get in without verifying since he usually manages our registrations, and they recognized his computer). But, there’s been a bit of a delay while I figured all this out, so we’ve got bogus records roaming around out there for a little while until the new ones propagate over the next few hours.

If you can’t reach us in that time, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Nothing we can do but wait on the world’s servers to learn the new truth…but, it looks like it’s already showing up on US servers, should be propagated most everywhere by morning.



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