weird dns thing and default domain - "mail." not pointing to right direction


on my server, is the default domain for its ip.

I googled some keywords, and to my surprise I found that pointed as well to the default domain. In fact, all

mail.*.tld point to the default domain.

However, does send you to the https bit as it should.

How do I improve this?



That’s correct, as none of the “mail.domain.tld” names are setup in Apache to serve websites. Because if that, they’ll be given the default domain.

To access webmail, you can use “webmail.domain.tld”, which is setup in Apache by default for all domains.


Thanks Eric!

ah ok, but how do i then prevent google from showing

when i want it to show ?

(bit confused)


Hmm, I’m not sure I follow… what problem is it you’re having exactly?


ok sorry, Eric, guess I wasn’t really clear.

I have a site, that i had (have) as the default site for an ip when i was still working on it without it being live under that domain name.

It is live now, under its own domain name.

I wanted to google to see if showed up.

The site showed up, but with for example this domain name:

now, is another site, but is indeed showing

I dont’ knwo why google found, and what to do about it. I can set another site as default for that ip address, but, isn’t there another way to not show “”. Is it a wrong dns setting or so to have it show as a website at all?


p.s. I’ve changed that default domain for the ip now…