Weird DNS issue

OS type and version Debian Linux 11
Webmin version 1.994
Usermin version 1.840
Virtualmin version 7.1-1
Theme version 19.93.1
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

Hi there,

I’m having a problem I can’t figure out with Bind on a server recently installed with Debian 11.

I’ve checked and compared the different Bind configuration files with those of another working server, but I don’t see what’s wrong.

The symptoms are quite curious: a dig request on the server (for a domain that is hosted on it) works “sometimes yes and sometimes no”.

If some of you want to test, they can do it with the domain

The dig sometimes returns the correct IP, sometimes times out and sometimes returns no IP… (whereas there is indeed a zone in Bind on the server and, as far as I can see, it is loaded correctly). Retrying the dig sometimes changes the result.

Anyway, the domain is inaccessible for most Internet users and the propagation is going very badly: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

I’m quite confused, I take any advice…

Kind of security rules or firewall that blocks somewhere?

Also check the ip’s or they are clean, not blacklisted or whatever

and there is a number in the url so check if that works should work??

Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email (

BUT you should start here to check i guess.
Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email (

Name Value
Registrar, LLC
Name Server IP132.IP-87-98-130.EU
Name Server NS3084544.IP-145-239-131.EU

The name you have given doesn’t seemed to be registered.

P.S. Sorry seemed to be owned by godaddy who want to sell it for over $600

Your installation is not properly configured.

If I go straight to the first name server I get the default Debian Apache page. If I go to your second name server I get your default Virtualmin under construction page.

Thank you guys for jumping in.

@jotst2 Unless I’m mistaken, it’s not a firewall or a blacklist issue, otherwise the problem wouldn’t be intermittent.

@stefan1959 is a domain I host. It is short, looking odd,… but it is totaly legit. And yes, it is currently for sale, but that is actually not the point here :wink:

@Gomez_Adams Everything is looking fine on this server (except that odd Bind/DNS problem). Sorry if I misstated the problem, but I don’t think that what Apache shows on any of those 2 pages is related to any DNS issue. What matters to me here is to understand why DNS queries to and work so badly.


Can you share configs with git backups so we can see chanes made by who etc…?

No problems, last check I did mxtoolbox shows no nameserver configured, but now it see them.
Why such a weird name why not just
also one of your nameservers is timing out
Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

Uh i did mentioned first look at the nameserver is with the link mxtoolbox, other things could be cause but not in your case.

There you see while you have it at sale i think you need there to look, while such domainsales services there are mostly also some ns / dns services where then you use that from them.
So look where you put your domain in sales!

Or you didn’t set the nameserver(s) right at your registar!

One potential issue at a time: does the server itself respond properly? What are you doing exactly and what are the different results? Maybe add the server’s IP address so that others can do the dig themselves.

This is the ip and hostname your box where that domain is on yes?

So it could be working now?
Very slow box. ?!?

Before the TTL times the nameservers have could be problem not resolving also, that need wait time … so or you resolved it , or the ttls time that was neede to resolve did it

With the that could also hapen it takes some more time to get it resolved everywhere some delay i had before to with nameservers.

So if it is ok now then forget my you didn’t set nameserver at registrar part i think.

Website test: (

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