Website scheduled maintenance

Howdy all,

Tonight and tomorrow morning, the website will be going off-line for a (hopefully) short period of time to migrate to Drupal 7 (yes, it’s finally mostly working for all of our use cases, and I’ve finally worked out all of the really ugly bugs in the migration process).

I will try to minimize downtime for the repository and email servers, so you probably won’t notice them being offline, but the website (including ticket tracker, forums, and visible face of the license manager) will defintely be off-line for an hour or two, at least. If things go well, that’ll happen tonight after midnight. But if things go poorly it’ll be in the morning.

If anything goes awry and we’ll be offline longer than an hour or two, I’ll keep folks posted on our twitter about what’s going on (@virtualmin).

I’m launching before the Drupal 7 site is perfect, but our current Drupal 6 site is probably much further from perfect, and we’ve been putting up with it for 7 years now, so there’s no reason to keep putting it off.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Hopefully, the new site will be worth it for everyone! (And, if not, the new version of Virtualmin is coming tomorrow with more major new features than any release in recent memory, so hopefully you’ll be too distracted by awesomeness to care about website quirks!)



I just want to see better forum software and bug tracker, for the rest i will probably be ok with whatever solution you come up. :slight_smile: