Website Redirects Fail

OS type and version CentOS Stream Linux 8
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3 Pro
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500 -
Unescaped left brace in regex is illegal here in regex; marked by ← HERE in m/^(http|https)://%{ ← HERE HTTP_HOST}(/.*)$/ at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/list_redirects.cgi line 20.

I found this on my main server… and my backup system also has the same error. So I am 99% sure it is not my system…


Well I fixed it… I did what it asked for and it stopped making errors.
So line 20 now reads.

$dest =~ /^(http|https):\/\/%\{HTTP_HOST\}(\/.*)$/) {

looks like a bug, your fix fixed it, but is the @staff aware of it?

I hope there found it my post… I tried…

Not sure what more to do.

The best thing is to use the forum search functionality by pasting a part of an error message.

I hope they found it my post

Sorry about that but this is a known and already fixed issue (will be fixed in Virtualmin 7.4):

Also the same issue edit_redirect.cgi in the same path. Line 39 needs to change from:

$r->{'dest'} =~ /^(http|https):\/\/%{HTTP_HOST}(\/.*)$/) {


$r->{'dest'} =~ /^(http|https):\/\/%\{HTTP_HOST}(\/.*)$/) {

adding the \ after the %

Whenever you suspect a bug like that you can always tag the staff by typing @ staff without the space and they’ll get an alert and one of them will look at your post eventually and respond if it is in fact a bug.

This will be fixed in upcoming Virtualmin 7.5.

@staffselection That’s great.

Dumb question: For those of us that have done the manual patches ourselves, will the update be able to handle that we modified things (e.g., overwrite our changes, but with the fix)?

Virtualmin 7.5 is already out. Please upgrade.

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