Website migration has begun

Howdy all,

I’ve begun migrating the current Joomla data over to the new Drupal website yesterday (yay!). This will take another day or two to complete, and in the meantime there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  1. Changes to your account (such as username) between today and Monday or Tuesday when the new site goes live will not be saved. Because all data transferred relies on user account information to associate it with the owner, user data has to go before just about anything else. So, I’m starting with users. Note that passwords will also change, because Joomla and Drupal use different password encryption formats and methods. An email will be sent to all active accounts to let you know about the change, and how to reset your password (the password reset form in Drupal works really well, unlike Joomla, so this shouldn’t be a major cause for alarm).

  2. Changes to documentation in the wiki between today and the new site launch will not be saved. Because documentation is the least active aspect of the site (and the most time-consuming to move, since we’re also reorganizing it, and adding tons of new docs), it is the second thing to be moved, and will be moved while the current site is running.

Forums, bugs, and purchased software information will be the last things to be migrated, and all of them will happen while the site is off-line (so no chance of data loss, since no new data will be incoming). So, feel free to continue to use the forums, bugs and issues tracker, and place orders between now and the new site going online.

There will be some downtime when the migration of the forums, bugs, and orders takes place. I will add a more specific time frame to this thread when I know it. It will likely be overnight, and will likely be offline for a few hours (I’m hoping for less than four).

The repository will not be offline during the migration. Software upgrades and Virtualmin installs will continue to operate while we are offline. Mail will also continue to function, so if you run into an emergency while we are offline and can’t file a ticket, we will try to be available via email.

I’m going to try to make the transition as seamless as possible, including all of the tools in Virtualmin that interact with the website (license manager, Virtualmin Support module, etc.), but there may be a few glitches.