website is not shown correctly. Index.html file Not showing up

Hi everybody,

I tried to install virtualmin on Centos 7.3 minimal.

After some try and errors I installed it fortunately correctly as I think.

But when I create a virtual server and upload a file index.html via a) its own ftp user or b) login with its own user into virualmin:10000 acount and use its uploading file service, I could not see anything more than this on the website.

Index of /

Name Last modified Size Description

I checked the permissions

home > my_username > public_html > index.html

home root : root 0755

my_username my_username : my_username 0750

public_html my_username : my_username 0750

index.html my_username : my_username 0644

This is so confusing! and I am sure about what I did in installation (history is inserted below).

I Re-checked the Configuration: response is

… your system is ready for use by Virtualmin.

Also in

webmin > Servers > Apache Webserver I see this

Virtual Server Ip 80 /home/my_username/public_html Open

I did this in terminal : suexec -V

response is


-D AP_DOC_ROOT="/home"


-D AP_HTTPD_USER=“apache”


-D AP_SAFE_PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin"


-D AP_USERDIR_SUFFIX=“public_html”


I appreciate any help or suggestions

Kind Regards

History of all I did until now:

1- Since the server is VPS I followed this :

nano /etc/resolv.conf

delete all IPs and copy this:


then in terminal

chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf

2- Also in virtualmin in section “Addresses and networking” I changed the IP to the correct one introduced from the server provider.

3- nano /etc/selinux/config

SELINUX=disabled   it was disabled


setenforce 0

4- I installed the CSF like this method

I am sure the iptables makes the port 80 open

Also I did this command

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

5- According to

I set a swap file for the system

sudo fallocate -l 4G /swapfile

ls -lh /swapfile

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4.0G Oct 30 11:00 /swapfile

and then mouned it via webmin > disk and file systems …

5- since the fresh virtualmin has a problem with Proftp I did this:

/ webmin / webmin configuration / webmin module / Delete / select ProFTPD Server

check Ignore module dependencies when deleting

Delete Proftp

/ System / Bootup and Shutdown / select proftpd

Disable Now and On Boot

Reboot System

In terminal

yum erase proftpd

yum -y install proftpd

service proftpd start

check connection

telnet ip 21 and it responsed well

/ webmin / webmin configuration / webmin module / Install / Standard module from

Select Proftpd

check Ignore Dependencies

check Grant access to all Webmin users

Install module

/ System / Bootup and Shutdown / select proftpd

Start Now and Boot

This is my first experience with virtualmin


I could solve my problem in this way I will explain, but I am confused about the reason.

In the installation I remember I did this

nano /etc/hosts

I saw an IP ( I name that “IP0” ) which was not introduced by the server provider and hence I deleted it and then put the correct IP.

IP server

I saved it.

After I could install virtualmin and then Recheck Configuration suggested me this alarm :

“Default IP address is set to “IP0”, but the detected external address is actually “IP”. This is typically the result of being behind a NAT firewall, and should be corrected on the module configuration page.”

I wondered!

So in section “Addresses and networking” I saw the IP0 (that one I deleted in file /etc/hosts) and I changed it to the corrected IP introduced from the server provider.

It was not so strange for me since I reached out the virtualmin UI via IP:10000 and not IP0:10000

But this is the exact source of problem! and I faced the problem in this topic!

After I read this :

first of all I did this:



eth0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500

   inet IP0  netmask  broadcast .......

again “IP0” ! different to what I expected! this “IP0” was not introduced by the server provider and they introduced “IP”!

So I changed IP to IP0 in section “Addresses and networking” again ! but I did not changed what I put in the /etc/hosts. ( in domain panel also points to IP and not IP0 )

Website is Okay but I am confused!

now I reached the virtualmin via IP:10000 and the dns records of all virtual servers I created are IP0.

Although the domain in its panel points to the “IP” and in virtualmin dns records pointed to “IP0” which is the ip of the interface eth0 (network) ! but everything is working well and I am highly confused!

And the alarm in the Recheck Configuration appears again and I no longer pay attention to it more.

"Default ip address is set to IP0, but the detected external address is actually IP. This is typically the result of being behind a NAT firewall, … "

I will appreciate everybody who understands and can help and explain the reason

Kind regards