Website Access User doesn't work


i installed Webmin/Virtualmin on a fresh installed Debian 6.0 Squeeze System with the script. I created a password protected directory (public_html). But a new created user with access permissions get an access denied. Only the virtual server user can access the site. I have the same problems with svn repositorys too. .htaccess, htusers, svn-access.conf ans svn.basic.passwd seems ok. Apache auth modules are active. Any Ideas?

thanks in advance


I had exactly the same problem.

Try to change the password for an user. After that you can login again with that new password.
For some reason there are some problems with etc/svn.basic.passwd when you create a new user.

This problem appeared after some update of webmin/virtualmin.


Here is the command line for changing the password:

sudo htpasswd -bm ~/etc/svn.basic.passwd [user] [pass]

Is there a way to automatically execute that line after a new user is created?