Webserver hijacking default domain

Debian 11 with Virtualmin 7.3-1

Hi, total newbe here to both Debian and Virtualmin.

I set up Debian minimal with Apache. Using the domain name of proxmox112.mydomain.com (my own domain is in use so I have to use a subdomain of it, but this subdomain is running on a different IP), I could browse to proxmox112.mydomain.com and see the default Debian web page served out of /var/www/html.

I then set up a virtual website, test.proxmox112.mydomain.com using the defaults except that I enabled SSL. Now when I browse proxmox112.mydomain.com, it displays what is in test.proxmox112.mydomain.com and I am not sure why. test.proxmox112.mydomain.com itself looks fine. Can anyone help? I see nothing in sites-available referring to the default domain.

I am wondering if I should change the default template to use “Creating ProxyPass virtual host” but I am not sure. I have changed this setting, but how do I reflect it back into an already created host?

I think the server was created as a Top Level Server. Perhaps I have to create another one for proxmox112.mydomain.com?


It’s most likely because while both are pointed to the same IP address, you ONLY have the “test” one setup in Apache (you created a Virtual Server for it) and therefore now it’s the default domain.

You can setup another Virtual Server for “proxmox112” and it’ll then resolve to it’s own page.

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