Webmin won't update

Debian 10

I have one Debian 10 server that updated itself from Webmin 1.973 to 1.974, but four others that will not. They show no updates available and the Upgrade Webmin module is not visible. Is there a way to force an update?

You don’t need to force an update.

The Virtualmin repos have 1.973.

Was 1.974 added and then removed? Because I got it on one server and haven’t done anything but normal apt updates. Webmin.com shows 1.974 current as of May 1.

No. Usually it means you have the webmin.com repo configured on your system (you generally should not, on a Virtualmin system).

Well, that’s interesting, because my sources.list and sources.list.d match on all five servers. I always set up Virtualmin the same way. That said, my apt history logs don’t show it coming in at all from any repository, but I do see when 1.973 came in on March 18. So I’m stumped.

I’ll just wait for it to appear in the Virtualmin repository. Thanks for your help.

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