Webmin with NOIP

**OS type and version: Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6
**Webmin version: 1.981
**Virtualmin version: 6.17-3

I want to use no-ip with webmin.
Please can you help ?

No ideas guys ?

It isnt about ‘no ideas’ but rather the topic being somewhat up in the cloud. Some home routers have a built in feature where you can add NoIp settings and you would then setup your server internally as per guide. You can also setup Dynamic Update Client (DUC) as described in their knowledgebase. It would help to be more specific. If you have already setup a working webmin server and it works OK. It might be better to check noip knowledgebase.

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Thanks bro,
I have setup webmin and NOIP.
When I try to create a server I got this message:

Failed to create virtual server : The DNS domain sunbdomain.zapto.org is already hosted by your DNS server

You must have already created/added the name?. Either as part of the master domain or later as a sub domain. Check your master domain DNS entries to see if that particular sub domain is already registered by the system.

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