WebMin vs VirtualMin vs UserMin - Please someone to tell and explain


I’ve planned to use my rented VPS for 2 or 3 websites

I’ve goggled a bit and found these terms and really can not make sure that I understand it correctly.

What are the differences in between for WebMin vs VirtualMin vs UserMin ?

And for a VPS and for hosting website only purposes which one of them I should use or it is a kind of combinations should be made?

Please advise.


Webmin is a GUI largely designed for a root user to manage a server.

Virtualmin is a Webmin module, which transforms Webmin into a system for managing a hosting environment. All the Webmin functionality is still there, but with the Virtualmin theme, it excels at managing domains, email, databases, and such – as would typically be found in a shared hosting environment.

Usermin is a web-based email client.

If you run the install.sh script found in the Downloads link above – you’ll end up with a system containing Webmin, Virtualmin, Usermin – and all the related tools configured for you (Apache, Postfix, BIND, MySQL, and so forth).

Does that answer your question?


Yes it does answer my questions.
I’ve used the automatic install script mentioned.

Where can I find the usermin?

Webmin and Virtualmin can be found on port 10000. Usermin runs on port 20000 by default.


when I went to this url and once it logged in, it says:

Failed to create /root/.usermin : File exists

Please advise.