Webmin/Virtualmin User Data Storage Method

I’d like to have a look at and possibly edit the raw user data files for webmin myself. How does webmin store user data? I tried looking through MySQL already, so I know that’s not it. I’ve toyed with the Linux /etc/passwd too to see if that was the method to no avail. Where should I be looking?


We use the Webmin user management functionality found in web-lib.pl (and all of its various modules). This puts user data into files found in /etc/webmin/

The files are simple key=value configuration files. Nothing complicated at all.

What are you trying to achieve? There might already be some functions you can call in the Webmin::API Perl module, or in one of the various command line tools we provide. Obviously, this also depends on the language you’re building your tools in…I wrote a blog post to In The Box a few months back about parsing Webmin config files in several languages (perl, shell, PHP, Ruby and Python) here:



I have been having a problem with Webmin, for the past couple of days on this subject…

I was trying to allow access for the admin user, only from a specific IP address, and I messed up something. I managed to disable access from my own IP address, and now i can not login with the administrator.

I’ve noticed that the data was stored in /usr/local/etc/webmin/miniserv.users, and i have edited the file manually (removed the allow <IP Address>), and than restarted webmin.

But still, i can not login since i get Error - Access denied for <My IP> after i type the user and password.

Do you know where can change this manually?

You probably also need to edit miniserv.conf though I don’t recall off-hand what the directive is…probably “deny” and “allow” or similar.