Webmin/Virtualmin updates not being found

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.x

Hi guys, I’m posting this in follow up to an earlier post (Manual update procedure (ARM64) - #9 by Joe).

In short, the standard ‘apt’ update procedure isn’t seeing any new package updates for Webmin/Virtualmin post my currently installed version of 1.973. I can see via the Webmin downloads page that version 1.979 has been available since mid June.

Important to note that the steps found in the above referenced support case were followed to overcome the aarch64 related update issues - although I suspect that because the [arch=all] parameter was specified in the repo config, the update process isn’t seeing any new package updates.

Appreciate any help on understanding how to either force the update to take place via apt; or, if there’s a manual way to run the update via an official bash update script (should one exist)?

1.973 is the current version in the Virtualmin repositories. That is intentional.

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Best news I’ve heard all day. Thanks for the clarification, that puts my mind at ease.

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