webmin/virtualmin on new centos

Hallo everyone!

According this website,

the new centos 8 will be released very soon!
And if it works the same with RHEL 8. It should be upgradable from 7.6 without new installation.

My question is,
Will the current version of webmin/virtualmin compatible with new centos 8? (without problems, when I upgrade centos 7.6 to 8)
Or should we/I wait, until the new version of webmin/virtualmin available?
Any ideas ?

Happy to see any suggestions from you guys!

CENTOS 7.7. is out now support from virtualmin?
While python 3.x and a lot of deprecated stuf

Also CENTOS 8 is next week 24-9-2019

Virtualmin / Webmin support for both?

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One of my servers updated from 7.6 to 7.7 this morning, lot of updates etc and 2 reboots. All is fine.

Update from 7.6 to 7.7.
Working fine!

Still no idea from 7.7 to 8.

CentOS 8 was released September 24: http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOSLinux8

Looking forward to upgrading to Centos 8. Waiting for virtualmin to support Centos/Rhel 8 first.

The installer won’t work with 8 yet, though I’m excited for it.

Anyone tried playing with 8? I’m getting a few missing PHP dependencies even with epel and remi. IUS doesn’t have Centos8 support yet so other than building from source, any repo you may recommend? It’s a bit early though so it’s understandable.

CentOS 8 works pretty different than CentOS7…
I don’t think, virtualmin will work now. Just need to wait.
But webmin works with CentOS8

hsuresearch do you mean?

CentOS 8 works pretty


Not only pretty, this puppy is amazing!
:wink: :wink: :slight_smile:

But some bugs need to be fixed still…

CentOS 7 has an EOL that might even see me out, why all the excitement on 8, are they giving away money with every install?

^ It’s good to test the new OS just to prepare for the future.

Virtualmin support for Centos8 might probably take a while, the repos have quite changed a lot especially that the installer is relying on yum/dnf install rather than building from source. Even some of the EPEL packages are now either in testing or playground.

Some of the testers out there are enjoying the new cockpit feature.

CENTOS 7 example old postfix old dovecot missing important options
no standard TLS1.3 ssl version 1.1.1… and so on could be a good … to a 8 version or hoping in 7x this comes?

Postfix on CentOS 8 with SIN support should be good enough for me! :slight_smile:

Room for improvement then.