Webmin + virtualmin + omv (Latest stable builds)

Hi there.
Need to setup this week a fresh box with webmin, virtualmin and OMV.
On one hand my client wishes to develop some websites on the box and on the otherhand he wants to store his data on the same box. for this pourpuse he wants to add 3 hard disks. 1 hard disk (1 TB) for web development and 2 x 2TB hd to store his data and be managed by OMV (latsest stable build). So now I have a doubt:

First installing Debian 9 (debian.org/releases/stable/)

  1. What would be the order to install? Using install.sh (and install the complete webmin/virtualmin) and than OMV or the other way arround?
  2. Will it work correcty webmin/virtualmin/omv?

Does anyone has experiencie with this and can ayone share a tutorial, please? :smiley:
Hoping to hear from anyone, please

Hi with OMV you mean OpenMediaVault, and does your customer wants the OMV to backup and all this is on one server?

Hi Raven King.

Yes indeed with OMV I mean Open Media Vault. No, Just 2 hardisks for storing his personal data and one HD do develop Megento/Drupal/wodpress/Joomla.
Nothing fancy. I allready got one feedback, which is quite explanatory. What do you think??

Please can you share you opinion, please?




It seems to be a strange setup. Like made for: Extend foot. Shoot self in foot. Reload. Extend second foot…

Split the it up into separate boxes and/or separate Virtual Machines.

1. Workstation

2. Web-server with Webmin and Virtualmin

3. NAS/Backup-server with OMV

this is my opinion, very personal :wink:
Developing should be done local [XAMP, LAMP] and then uploaded to production.
OMV should be used on a different VPS on a different location as it should not be on same server, 2TB is nice for many off-site backups.
Use for production at least RAID 1, 2 x 500gb is enough, but RAID 10 would be better.
This would be a bare minimum, never put all your eggs in one basket…

But you didn’t explain how precious the production environment should be, and what requirements.