Webmin/Virtualmin inside a Linux vServers container


My current VPS is based on OpenVZ. I had no problems installing and using Webmin/Virtualmin. I consider switching to another provider, which (hopefully) has better support.

However the provider I’m considering uses Linux vServers, and I want to be sure there isn’t any problem with the combination of Linux vServers and Webmin/virtualmin.



Well, while I don’t have much experience with vServers, it should work :slight_smile:

Just make sure you have plenty of RAM, and if possible, some swap space.

Using VPS’s with too little RAM is a common cause of problems.


Ok, so the intended provider gave me a test VPS to play with.
Installation (automated) went fine. Once logged in and played around, I noticed two issues:

Quotas are not enabled (shown when running Re-Check configuration).

This is also an issue with Linux vServer. I can live without quotas as I’ll admin all the sites on the VPS, and email will be handle by Google Apps.

On some operations I get a message “Unable to open /etc/network/interfaces”.

I now understand that under Linux vServer networking is not virtualized - the host only routes packets into containers, ie. containers don’t have direct control over network interface.

The operations seem to run to completion successfully, so maybe this message is harmless. But maybe there are serious implications that I’m not aware of after such a short test.

edit: There are some implications. For example the System Information page only shows this message and nothing else.

edit: I looked at /etc/network and noticed there’s no interfaces subdir (probably hidden or masked at the host level). So I mkdir interfaces and the System Information page seems to be normal.




So is that all still working for you?

I’m not sure if this really matters, but the “Unable to open /etc/network/interfaces” error is actually referencing a file… “interfaces” is a file that typically holds the network configuration on Debian and Ubuntu systems.



Although I’m only testing the system a bit between doing other things, it seems that everything is ok. I created a virtual server and there wasn’t any issue.



how did you installed virtualmin on linux vserver , i get errors and instalation abort. here is install log. can you help.