Webmin + virtualmin for local web development

Can anyone help please:

I am trying to setup webmin + virtualmin for local web development previously I had Linux system admin who took care of such things. Previously I was using Debian 6 and since administering the system alone.I upgraded to Debian 10 webmin 1.981 virtualmin 6.17-3

Before the upgrade webmin + virtualmin were installed and made my life a little easier in setting up local development websites. Now I have to configure webmin + virtualmin alone it is not so straight forward. I created a virtual server called visualinfo then all other virtual servers are sub servers of visualinfo as they were previously when Debian 6 was installed and I had a dedicated Linux system admin helping me out.

Now I am all alone with Google and Youtube and seem to be getting nowhere. I do notice that some folders are locked once the virtual sub servers are created. They are cgi-bin public_html logs also virtualmin -backup on the parent virtual server visualinfo.

I was using /var/www/html before installing webmin + virtualmin however I understand virtualmin uses /home/visualinfo Any advice most welcome for a newbie

You are doing it all wrong.

With Virtualmin, you forget all about the var/www folder. It is no longer used at all. Anything you put in there on a Virtualmin system is going to be pretty much worthless.

It sounds like you’re trying to host the sites with Linux first with Virtualmin as an after thought. You’ve got it completely backwards. Everything is done with Virtualmin and Linux will take a back seat to everything you’re doing.

When you go to your Virtualmin IP:10000 you can set everything up from there without ever going anywhere else.

This is an older video but it shows the very basic items on how to get started in Virtualmin. It’s not the best video on earth, but it’ll give you a better idea of how to use it I think.


Thanks for the quick reply I understand virtualmin uses /home and not /var/www/html
To create the virtual servers this I can do however like I said once I do this some folders are locked
within the folders. i guess this is a permissions issue I will watch the video for a better understanding

Thanks again

The easiest thing to do is start simple.

You should have your default server already set up in Virtualmin. Normally, it’s something based on your domain name. Example; If your domain is mydomain.com then you set your default server as vps.mydomain.com.

Once you do that, you log in to vps.mydomain.com and set up the main domain for your website. You create a new virtual server called mydomain.com.

That creates your top level domain. Test it to make sure it is working. Once that’s working then you can move on to all the other subdomains.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Get the top level domain working first, then move on.

ok I will give it a go

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