Webmin/Virtualmin fails login using md5 cryptated password.

Hello Folks!

I use centos5.4 with latest webmin/virtualmin.

After following the guide howto use ldap with virtualmin herein I noticed that the password hashed with CRYPT, so I decided to change it to md5 in webmin. Also I changed the /etc/ldap.conf to use md5 etc.

After changing to md5, passwords get hashed with md5, but it is not longer possible to login!

Another very strange issue is that if I change password from command line, passwords get hashed with crypt !?

Logins worh with ssh and ftp, but not webmin or virtualmin.

Can someone help me out here, I have searched on google but found nothing of value, all suggestions is already done without effect.

Maby it is a combination of bug inside webmin/virtualmin plus something I missed…

Thank you in advance!