Webmin/virtualmin display corruption (term, server graphs)

the server usage graphs, terminal module and favicon are corrupted - they are filled with vertical colored lines

i managed to get the terminal module fixed by disabling the webgl extension

only thing i can think of that i did different with this install was to enable jailkit


Operating system AlmaLinux 8.9
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.9.0
Authentic theme version 21.09.5

this happens without enabling jailkit as well, but it seems to be due to changing some setting in the webmin/virtualmin UI

i’ll troubleshoot and update when i have time

This is nothing to do with the server or Virtualmin but is caused by your browser. I had this issue and discovered it happens when the canvas is blocked. If you are using an extension like Canvas Blocker or LibreWolf browser you can whitelist the domain. Or you can disable the “Enable ResistFingerprinting” setting in LibreWolf. It also seems to work fine in other browsers.

canvas it is - i meant to post the solution after i found it, but then forgot - sorry for wasting your time

for Firefox one can add/edit the additional permission for a given domain and allow the site to “Extract canvas data”

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