Webmin version 2.111 upgrade button fails

OS type and version Centos 7
Webmin version 2.110

Webmin version 2.111 is now available, but you are running version 2.110. Release notes.

but clicking the “Upgrade Webmin now” button results in this error message:
“No packages selected”

Did you install using the recommended method of setting up the yum repository and installing the RPM, or is this a from source tar.gz installation?

Can you post a screenshot of the upgrade offering you’re seeing?

No, can’t show a screen shot because I was able to update Webmin via the package update method used for all other package updates and the message disappeared. But it is a message with the exact words I included above and a button below that saying “Upgrade Webmin now” all displayed on the Dashboard page. Clicking that button results in the “No packages selected” message. No recollection how I initially installed Webmin but I installed Webmin at different times on my seven servers starting about seven years ago. I have always kept them up to date, sometimes by using the Webmin Configuration page option and sometimes the package update system using YUM or DNF. This time, they all had this “No packages selected” problem so I have updated them all via the package manager.

This is what the notice looked like except I was running version 2.110 at the time and it showed that version number instead of 2.105.

Getting 403 error on upgrade to 2.111 Ubuntu 22.04 Current Webmin v2.105

Dashboard screenshot;
Screenshot from 2024-05-04 13-40-22

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