Webmin version 1.900 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 1.900 of Webmin for all Virtualmin repos.

Changes since 1.890;

  • New alerts system (allows us to post alerts to your dashboard for a variety of purposes…new releases, news, security alerts, etc.)
  • A wide variety of bugfixes related to Ubuntu netplan support (this may mean installation of Virtualmin on 18.04 works even with netplan, but testing is still ongoing)
  • A new version of Authentic Theme with a number of new features and bugfixes
  • More caching of frequently used data, making some status information display faster and/or less resource intensive
  • Added button in Postfix module to clear whole mail queue
  • Larger buffer sizes for a number of file transfer operations, making them faster (including some UI operations, and most backup and file transfer operations)
  • Other minor bugfixes and enhancements

We think Ubuntu netplan is now actually supported. I recently fixed the other outstanding issue I know about in 18.04 in the virtualmin-config package, so I think we’re now able to install and function right out of the box on Ubuntu 18.04. I’ll be testing that this week. Success stories or bug reports are welcome, if you’re feeling brave and want to try an install on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 system (don’t expect existing broken Ubuntu 18.04 installations to start working after the updates, though, as there is no remediation for previously botched installs).

As always, let us know about any bugs you find.



On an Ubuntu 14.04 host, I had to downgrade the 19.21 theme back to 19.19:

cd /usr/share/webmin/authentic-theme ./theme-update.sh -release:19.19 service webmin restart

Usermin just showed a white screen…

Is there any way to easily force the clearing of all Webmin/Usermin caching? Even in browsers?

Also, the favicon was changed back to the default Webmin logo…not really a problem, just different…

Additionally, I am finding the ‘Login to Usermin’ button no longer works in Virtualmin when trying to view a user’s webmail.


The favicon is actually new (not “changed back”, as it’s been created anew), but it is one of our actual logos, as it should be (it was a different icon for a while, but Ilia thought the Webmin logo looked nicer and was more recognizable in a row of tabs, and I agree!).

You can flush browser caches by holding either control or shift while clicking the reload button (depends on the browser). Restarting Webmin flushes all Virtualmin caches, but I don’t think any of them will impact the UI.

I don’t know what caused the issue you saw, but there was a similar sounding issue in the Authentic theme issue tracker, and I believe it is fixed in 19.22, which Ilia has already released, I think.

Thank you for that.

I also determined that the problem in Webmin/Virtualmin where I am unable to view user’s webmail is also apparently theme related. The new updates on a 16.04 machine broke the ‘Login to Usermin’ functionality, but the 14.04 box with the downgraded theme still works.

I’m using an up to date Firefox browser.

Also, no amount of ‘cache flushing’ helps.

Thanks again,


OK, we definitely still have problems with netplan-configured systems, though it’s getting closer to right. I think we still have to strongly recommend you use the old network configuration system on Ubuntu 18.04 systems until we get the remaining bugs fixed.

Just did a 18.04 lxd container install. Had to install gnupg but that’s because lxd images are bare installs. Edited /etc/netplan/10-lxc.yaml to my ipv4 and v6 details. Then installed virtualmin and for the first time for me on any ubuntu version, virtualmin installed and passed initial check with no issues. Normally I have to ‘apt install -f’ for missing packages. Rebooted and network was still up. i saw added to /etc/netplan/10-lxc.yaml. So looks good so far.

Webmin version 1.900
Usermin version 1.741
Virtualmin version 6.04
Authentic theme version 19.21

Cool, thanks for the update. I do think Webmin is correctly handling some netplan systems, but definitely not all.

OK, short term workaround for Ubuntu 18.04 systems using netplan (your system has netplan if it has an /etc/netplan directory with one or more files in it, and doesn’t have an /etc/network/interfaces file, it is empty):

Before running install.sh, make a backup of the /etc/netplan directory:

# cp -a /etc/netplan /root/netplan-backup

Run install.sh.

If the install script halts at the Networking configuration step, run the following:

# virtualmin system-config --bundle LAMP

Replacing LAMP with LEMP if you’re using nginx, and MiniLAMP or MiniLEMP if you’re doing a --minimal installation. You only need this if the config stage bails…it should succeed on the second run (I hope, it did in my testing).

Check the file in /etc/netplan. Is it crazy? (“crazy” means the interface IP has been changed to “/32”, and possibly some other bits moved around in weird ways that look sorta normal, but aren’t right on careful examination). You can also use the netplan try command to test the configuration, which I think will show you if things are terribly wrong, and it’ll hopefully automatically revert the config if you don’t say OK to the try command (if you lose network connectivity you won’t be able to say OK, so it should revert in a couple of minutes).

If the config is botched, copy the original back into place, and manually add to the nameservers list. Save it, and re-apply the new config.

Now you should have a fully functional Virtualmin install with these two exceptions: You can’t use the Webmin Network Configuration module to manage your network until we release another version that handles the currently unrecognized YAML bits, and you can’t use Virtualmin’s IP management features. (And, maybe other stuff that I’m not thinking of that interacts with the Network Configuration module.)

I have determined the problem with “Login to Usermin” to view a user’s e-mail was due to Adblock Plus Firefox browser plugin.

This did not happen prior to the last Authentic Theme update.

Disabling Adblock Plus for the page resolves the issue for me.


Huh…we’ll have to look into that. I haven’t seen that problem. I use uBlock origin, though, so I guess the rules could be different.

In order to use Authentic Theme 19.20+ you would need to make sure that you have Usermin 1.750 installed. There are back-incompatible changes.

As a temporary work-around you could downgrade the theme for Usermin only to 19.19 by running:

./theme-update.sh -release:19.19

…from /usr/share/usermin/authentic-theme.

The buttons displayed for the ui_multi_select function do not display properly. They should display “->” and “<-”, or at least they used to. Now they display (on an English site) look like “ÃȼÂ-¶” and “ÃȼÂ-€”.