Webmin version 1.894 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out Webmin 1.894 for all repos. This mostly is to address some more Ubuntu 18.04 networking problems, but because there have been a handful of Webmin fixes that affect some Virtualmin users since the last Webmin release and it’ll be another week or two before the next stable release, I went ahead and rolled it for everyone.

Changes since 1.890:

  • Several small bugfixes and UI tweaks
  • Updated Authentic theme version
  • Addition of support for new Ubuntu netplan network configuration system (still pretty beta, but maybe working now)
  • Lots of minor translation updates

I’m back to doing test installs on Ubuntu 18.04, and hopefully we’ll be ready to call it “supported” soon.

As always, let us know if you run into problems.



On my Cloudmin pro on Ubuntu 16.04, everything is up to date but I still have 1.890, is it normal?

Yes, that’s normal. Cloudmin has separate repositories from Virtualmin, as they’re on difference release cycles and have somewhat different requirements. I should have specified “all Virtualmin repositories”, instead of just “all repositories”. Jamie maintains the Cloudmin repos, so I don’t think about them often. :wink: