Webmin version 1.880 install issue & 1.881-1

I tried to upgrade on cENTO 7.4 Webmin 1.880 and it dint complete the install and it froze or became inaccessible.
I then restarted webmin from command line and it came back and now the WEBMIN ver shows as 1.880

Today I see another update available 1.881-1 on centos 6.9 - Has there been any issue updating that?
Please share.

I would guess you’re short on memory on your system, or maybe running low on /tmp disk space. It sounds like the upgrade to 1.880 went fine, since it’s running now. Just make sure you’ve either got a reasonable amount of RAM or add some swap memory to your system, and make sure the filesystem that /tmp is on has plenty of space (a couple hundred MB is probably plenty).

Thanks for replying. So kind of you. I think memory was not really issue as it has plenty its a new box. By chance i had a space issue on a small partition of 50g as CENTOS 7.4 has a small portion for var, log and system files, i had to remove lib/mysql. however when i installed it was still OK. I
I feel that 1.880 dint install properly but fortunately when i restarted Webmin it came to function even though last ver shows 1.880
have now version 1.881-1 for update and may be i should venture and try that. I will let you know if I see any issue.
Grateful for you being there.