Webmin version 1.780 released

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled Webmin version 1.780 into all repositories, and it should begin appearing in your available updates in the next couple of hours.

Changes since 1.770:

  • Webmin can now request an SSL certificate for itself from Let’s Encrypt, if you have the letsencrypt client command installed.
  • The MySQL module now supports the new user table format seen in MySQL 5.7.
  • In the BIND module, automatic creation and deletion of reverse records in partial delegation zones now works the same as in full reverse zones.
  • The status of monitors from the System and Server Status module can now be displayed on the System Information page.
  • Updates to the Filemin file manager and Authentic theme.
  • Converted several more modules to the new Webmin UI framework.
  • More German, Norwegian and Catalan translation updates.

Changes since 1.760 (since 1.770 didn’t go out to all repos before, and I didn’t post the changelog):

  • Added the Filemin File Manager module, which will eventually replace the old Java file manager.
  • For new installs, switched the location of data files in many modules to /var/webmin instead of /etc/webmin.
  • On CentOS, Fedora and Redhat systems, the DNSn lines in ifcfg-* files are now updated in sync with resolv.conf.
  • Added an option to have Webmin validate the SSL certificate on remote systems when making RPC calls, to ensure that the connection to them has not been MITM’d.
  • More German, Norwegian and Catalan translation updates. Also Polish, thanks to Piotr Kozica.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems.

Also, Happy New Year! Early 2016 will see major new releases of every one of our projects, so it’s gonna be an exciting year.



is letsencrypt setup as a cron? And is it not possible to pull the binary off github?