Webmin version 1.730 and Usermin 1.640 released

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled out version 1.730 and 1.640 or Webmin and Usermin, respectively.

Changes in Webmin since 1.720:

  • Deprecated the old blue-theme in favor of the new gray-theme.
  • Catalan translation updates from Jaume Badiella.
  • More German translation updates, thanks to Raymond Vetter.
  • Added API functions that modules (like Virtualmin) can provide and theme authors can call to get the preferred left and right side menus. Also updated the default theme to use this API.
  • Added support for NSEC3PARAM records to the BIND module.
  • All operations on user mailboxes are now performed with the permissions of the user, to prevent attacks using malicious symlinks.

Changes in Usermin since 1.620:

  • German and Catalan translation updates.

In slightly related news: We will begin including Ilia’s amazing Authentic theme in Webmin with the 1.740 release (in about a month, probably), and will likely make it the default theme after one release cycle of testing by a broader audience. So, if you have some time over the next few weeks, please try out Ilia’s theme and let him know about any problems (usability, functionality, appearance quirks, etc.) you run into (and I’ll be working with him to make sure the Virtualmin and Cloudmin menus are working correctly, among other things).

We’ll also likely be forking Webmin 2.x after the 1.740 release of Webmin. Webmin 1.x will be maintained alongside 2.x for several months, as 2.x will be unstable and regularly broken, and 1.x will continue to see security updates for at least a couple of years, for folks who cannot migrate to 2.x for some reason (i.e. you rely on modules/themes that cannot be updated to the new Webmin). If you maintain a theme or module, we’ll be happy to answer questions on updating it during the 2.x alpha/beta period. Several of the current standard modules, and all of the current standards, will be deprecated and removed in Webmin 2.x…so, we’ll be trying to figure out what modules/feature people are using, so we don’t rip out stuff that is still useful. But, simplification is a major goal. Webmin has been in development now for over 17 years (first released in October of 1997), and it’s about due for an overhaul. If you’re a programmer, and want to help with that effort, it’s going to need a tremendous amount of labor, at all levels of skill. Updating a half million lines of code is no small endeavor.