Webmin / Usermin, config + Read mail + Preferred permissions

In my opinion the English words in the config for the read mail module are difficult to decipher and understand. It’s not easy to configure the read mail module for Usermin, within Webmin. Please write me a example for the following, if using
— dovecot/dovecot.conf : mail_location = maildir:~/mail

What is 1 through 4 below…

  1. Storage mail file location in home directory (Mbox)
  2. Storage directory location (Maildir or MH)
  3. Storage directory location under home (Maildir or MH)

Isn’t 2 and 3 the same?

and I assume,
4. Mail subdirectory style
is “mail/username”

It sounds like you are asking for paths only but you don’t specifically say if you want full paths or part of the path. And if you want paths do you want the path with the file name or only the path. And some mail servers don’t have mail files, they have many directories so what is correct, please give example for dovecot mail_location = maildir:~/mail ???

Also what permissions do you like best if there are more than one user on the server. Is anything running as root or not?

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