Webmin/Usermin behind Apache reverse proxy for multiple domains

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6 (on VPS)
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5

The FAQ has a very clear guide on how to run Webmin and Usermin panels behind a reverse proxy. I followed it, and I managed to run Webmin via a reverse proxy on webmin.mydomain.expl just fine.

However, I currently run and manage two domain names on this machine.

Looking at lines like:


How would I modify this to work with the two domains I have?

In particular, for Usermin, I wanted to it available under usermin.domain1.expl and usermin.domain2.expl because of the mail servers. The reason is that port 2000 isn’t available through many firewalls… And I noticed that Usermin uses different messages depending on the domain, so I really need both:

Thank you.

In the meanwhile, I noticed a problem. When using the reverse proxy, Webmin doesn’t pick up the domain at all:

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