Webmin update to 2.021 not shown

OS type and version CentOS 7.9.2009
Webmin version 2.001

Hi, Webmin version are at 2.021, but my dashboard shows v 2.001 and says that no updates are available. If I go to System → Software Package Updates and click on Refresh Available Packages, no webmin update is shown. I have the same CentOS version on many servers, and all of them were able to show update to webmin 2.021 and successfully install the update. Any idea?

compare the VM repos, are they all using the same

Same VM repos.

weird, you can update the repos using the install script.

I would prefer to update only the repositories, since I believe the whole installation script would reset any configuration from scratch. Am I wrong?
The server runs Virtualmin 7.2, so no hope to simply do “# sudo virtualmin setup-repos” which works in the CLI on virtualmin 7.5 or greater.
Any help?

Run dnf update in a terminal, and look at the errors. Since you have the right repos configured, you should have updates…since you don’t, something is going wrong. So, you need to look at see what it is.