webmin update 4.10 broke Virtualmin Pro

Hi there,

I thought I’d let you know that todays webmin upgrade broke Virtualmin pro on our Redhat EL 5 system. The update came through the redhat channel (maybe we should disable this in the future???).

I don’t know what exactly happened but after the upgrade certain modules have gone missing: ie, usermin, spam, and proftpd.

I manually installed the 3 modules again and all seems to be up again.


Howdy Gunharth,

I didn’t know Red Hat distributed Webmin at all. Are you sure you don’t have some alternative sources configured?

Anyway, yes, you definitely want to keep getting Webmin from us, rather than alternate repositories, since we have no control over how they package things or handle upgrades. They fact that it failed to keep existing modules is a bug in their upgrade process, I believe, since Webmin upgrades shouldn’t effect modules installed either from .wbm or .rpm packages (and Jamie’s RPM packages follow that rule).