Webmin Scripts Terribly Slow

Howdy guys,
today I installed Virtualmin on a new machine (4c/8t 16gb Ram 500GB SSD) with Debian 10.
Everything went perfectly as always except for the fact that all the scripts of Webmin are extremely slow.
Server’s using less than 2 GB Ram which is standard, CPU usage never goes over 15% .
I installed Virtualmin on mere than 30 servers and I never had this kind of issue. This server is on a different provider than the others and I could not convince my customer to buy the machine on the usual provider.
I got no errors on both of the two webmin logs.
Just all the scripts are slow. To create a new Virtual Server it takes almost 30 minutes, to install phpMyAdmin using scripts page it takes 15 minutes, to install SSL keys it takes 10 minutes (I’m not exaggerating).

For example when I create a Virtual Server I’m able to see the .lock folder for at least 5 minutes before it turns into the regular folder without the .lock extension.

Any ideas on what I could check to find a hint on what is causing this?


From what you describe, the issue appears to be with the system / VPS rather than with Virtualmin.

You have been guarded about the information which you share with us about the identity of the VPS host / service provider so neither can the community comment specifically from its collective experience with service providers nor does it gain from your individual experience about which service provider (hosting 30+ of your servers) performs well with Virtualmin and which is the troublesome one.

Perhaps you could be more specific? Also, check steal time using the top command. That is often an indicator of overloaded infrastructure offered by the service provider.

Here you can see the top command.
As you can see in this particular case I was loading the dashboard, Webmin has one process at 17% and another one at 0.3%. RAM used is 1.5GB of the 16GB available.
The provider where this machine is istalled is Aruba which is a terrible italian provider, but this machine does not look that terrible. What else could I check?
Now that I’m investigating all the slow script are in the Virtualmin section, if I navigate in Webmin pages and I save configuration values the saving is fast. What is slow is everything in the Virtualmin section.
For example if I try to run ReCheck Configuration it takes a life, and keeping an eye on the top the webm process never goes over 18%.
The following check took a lot of time:
Apache is installed.
The following PHP versions are available : 7.3.14 (/usr/bin/php-cgi7.3)
The following PHP execution modes are available : cgi fcgid fpm
The following PHP-FPM versions are available on this system : 7.3.11 (php7.3-fpm)

I found the issue and the solution.

The problem was related to systemctl which did not work correctly.
systemctl returned the following error:
System has not been booted with systemd as init system (pid 1).
Can’t operate.

I solved this porblem by installing systemd-sysv and rebooting the server with the following commands:
apt install systemd-sysv

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